Prefabricated walls

Cutting Edge Prefabricated Panelized Walls

Custom built prefabricated panelized walls fast and easy to install

Factory built walls

Prefabricated walls design and manufacturing process, developed by Fermco Industries Ltd, comes from a wide International technological expertise in building prefabrication. Fermco’s factory built walls are sheltered against weather conditions, therefore respecting the product and its durability. While respecting the specifications and building codes, we can manufacture your custom drawings, no matter the complexity of your project.

Fermco can manufacture wall panels in length or sections reaching up to 36 feet (11 m) in lengyh by 22 (6,7 m) feet in height (structural walls), giving us the edge over the competition.


  • Wall panels sheltered from bad weather
  • Oven dryed lumbers
  • Eight (8) times faster to install on site (average of 15 minutes/wall)
  • Less workers needed and less efforts on site
  • Engineered manufactured product from drawings made with specialized softwares
  • Reduced potential theft on site
  • Respect of deadlines
  • Quality control
  • No wasted material
  • No container needed during assembly

Outside prefabricated walls

Exterior walls from Fermco are sturdyer, better insulated and sealed, giving a superior quality house more resistant to wind and harsh climate. Exterior air barrier, intermediate wall covering, insulation, polyethylene or flexotherm interior vapor barrier and furring strips are factory installed. Panelized walls are ready to receive interior finishing and exterior siding.

  • Prefabricated walls on mechanical tables with specialized labour
  • Long sections available (up to 36 feet (11 m) length by 22 feet (6,7 m) height) or shorter if needed
  • Big dimensions prefabricated walls quality, respecting dimensions and plans, lessen assembly time and crane cost on site
  • Perimeter strip, integrated to the wall, insure a better structural seal around the floor, airtightness and installation speed
  • No scaffolding
  • No maretial loss and less labour needed on site
  • Short manufactured wall sections are available upon request (walls can be assembled by 2 persons)
  • Openings in walls for doors and windows are factory built according to plans and specifications
  • Engineered wood frame and lintel support insulated and factory installed
  • Doors and windows are installed on site

Prefabricated partition walls (anti-torsion)

Fermco manufacture all factory ready-built interior partitions, sheltered from bad weather. The interior partitions are manufactures according to plans and specifications and ready to receive gypsum. interior partitions must be installed according to the detailed plan for easy assembly. Installation is three times faster on site, without any material loss.

  • Partitions can be soundproofed for bathrooms or other rooms
  • Anti-torsion system (1 inch/19 mm X 3 inches/63 mm lead ribbon built-in midway) for a better strength and prevent warping
  • 90 degrees or angle partition junctions are factory made (ready for gypsum on site)
  • Half-timberings 38 mm X 89 mm (2 X 4) with oven dryed jointed wood
  • Custom built interior partitions are manufactured according to plans, loads and specifications, even for vaulted ceilings
  • Structural walls, partition walls and fire stopping walls, according to plans, loads and specifications